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I’m Prince Sandor Gustaffson and I could have it all. Problem is, I don’t want it. Any of it. 

I've never embraced my status in the royal family, but after eleven years in the shadows, I'm about to be forced into the spotlight. 

As head of security for the royal family, I'm being pulled in a million directions as my family works to rebuild our country. 

But I only want to look in one direction: Lennox Briggs. 

She’s a thorn in my side and has been since she was brought in as the first woman on our security team. She’s more than qualified, but a distraction I don’t need. Getting involved with her would be a mistake. 

Too bad my heart—and other regions—aren’t listening. 

After so many years protecting the people I love, how do I choose between my heart and my duty? 

Because I definitely can’t have both.

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