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Adonis in Athens

Series: Romancing Europe
Tropes: One Night Stand, Fake Relationship
Release Date: July 18, 2017

The path to your future is through the past…

Paige Carter's fling in Vegas with the dark-haired, green-eyed Greek three years ago was short, but it left her with two unanswered questions—when would she see him again and are they married?

Apollo Lakkas was thrilled to return to Greece after his time in the U.S. to begin work with his family's shipping business. His only regret is the way he left the sweet blonde he met in Vegas—who may or may not be his wife.

When an unexpected proposal throws Paige into a panic, she packs a bag for Athens determined to reconcile her past. The moment their eyes meet again, the same spark that ignited them down the aisle rekindles.

Do they have a future or is their love destined to be nothing but a bittersweet memory?

Some books contain potentially triggering themes. For a list of specific triggers, click here. Please note--does contain spoilers.

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