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Series: Las Vegas Sidewinders
Tropes: Damaged Hero/Heroine, Suspense, Military
Release Date: April 10, 2016

Looks can be deceiving...

NHL defenseman Drake Riser is a tough guy on the ice. Out of the rink, he's more teddy bear than grizzly. But Drake secretly longs for someone to share his life with. Even after a failed marriage, he’d try again if the right woman came along. When she finally does, he's determined not to let anything stand in his way, even her.

U.S. Marines Major Erin Gentry carriers the physical and emotional scars from war everywhere she goes. No amount of glitter can camouflage the ugly Erin feels inside. When she meets a hunky hockey star at a masquerade ball, she tries to convince herself that she’s too damaged to get involved, even though he makes her feel things she wishes she didn't.

Drake thinks they’re perfect for each other, but Erin is stuck in the past, struggling to put her demons to rest—demons that are back and threatening to destroy her. Drake is ready to do anything to give them a shot at love, but Erin will have to learn letting someone help you fight your battles doesn't make you weak. Time is running out as they race the clock to win the game--and each other.

Some books contain potentially triggering themes. For a list of specific triggers, click here. Please note--does contain spoilers.

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