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Nowhere Left to Run

Series: A Royal Trilogy
Tropes: Billionaire, Suspense, Royalty, Rockstar
Release Date: October 1, 2019

Moving on is never easy.

Casey is completely devastated. She will never love another man the way she loved Erik. To the world he was a prince. To her, she was so much more: her love, her heart, the father of her child. His love was so fierce, some days she swears she can still feel him with her.

Nothing can replace the love of her life, but for her baby's sake she has to try. With every tragic lyric, her fans scream louder, but she's never felt more alone.

She can try to escape Erik's ghost, but she has nowhere left to run...

Some books contain potentially triggering themes. For a list of specific triggers, click here. Please note--does contain spoilers.

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