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Series: Las Vegas Sidewinders
Tropes: Single Mom, Suspense, Age gap, Friends to Lovers
Release Date: October 24, 2016

Sometimes love is the riskiest game of all…

Hot, young hockey star Zakk Cloutier likes the ladies that are drawn to his bad boy image. The problem is that none of them make his heart race like her. She’s the one woman he’d consider settling down for, but she's also the one woman he can't have. The gorgeous redhead with legs for days is also the widow of his late coach. Talk about a penalty.

Widowed mother Tiffany Marcus feels like her life is crumbling around her. Desperate to put her shattered world back together, she focuses on her three-year old twins, leaving little time or energy to deal with the aching loneliness after her husband’s sudden death. So she’s shocked when she starts to feel alive again–thanks to him. The helping hand and broad shoulder of one of the Las Vegas Sidewinders has her feeling things that she shouldn't. Not yet.

Skating on thin ice takes on new meaning when the past catches up to them. With more than just love on the line, the stakes are higher than ever. Zakk has to make an impossible choice: Step in and be the man Tiff needs him to be, or let her go and love her from the bench.

Some books contain potentially triggering themes. For a list of specific triggers, click here. Please note--does contain spoilers.

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