The Las Vegas Sidewinders

Dominic (Book 1)


Sometimes age is just a number…

Dom Gianni takes a lot of punishment in the hockey rink and it's a welcome penance for the guilt he lives with. Getting traded to the new NHL expansion team in Las Vegas sounds like the next level of hell in his already crumbling life, but he doesn’t have a choice; this is his last shot. 

Molly McCarran is barely hanging on, certain her life will be cut short at the hand of her abusive husband. Death would be preferable to what she’s endured the last twenty years. So when she's rescued by a sexy hockey player, who's more than a decade younger, she's confused about her feelings and skeptical of his intentions. 

When Dom witnesses Molly getting beaten up by her husband, he’s ready to throw down his gloves and fight for her. If he can save her, maybe he can salvage himself too. But Molly isn’t about to trust another man—and Dom is already skating on thin ice with his NHL-mandated probation. If she can learn to trust him and hold on, they could find the peace they've been missing. If not, it might be the final buzzer for them both.

Cody's Christmas Surprise (Book 2)

The magic of Christmas is in the air and Cody Armstrong has a big surprise for his wife of seven years. Surrounded by their friends and family, he’s hoping this will be a Christmas Eve she’ll never forget.

Suzanne Armstrong finally understands that her sweet, handsome husband didn’t just marry her because she was pregnant. This is their first Christmas as a real couple and she has a special surprise for him too.

When an old acquaintance shows up on their doorstep with a surprise of her own, it could be the end of the happily ever after they’ve waited so long to find. Cody will have to prove that Suze is the only woman he’s ever loved and she’ll have to search her heart to decide whether she can put her faith in him. Facing their biggest obstacle yet, will they come out the other side or will the past shatter any chance for them to have a future? 

Drake (Book 3)

Looks can be deceiving... 

NHL defenseman Drake Riser is a tough guy on the ice. Out of the rink, he's more teddy bear than grizzly. But Drake secretly longs for someone to share his life with. Even after a failed marriage, he’d try again if the right woman came along. When she finally does, he's determined not to let anything stand in his way, even her. 

U.S. Marines Major Erin Gentry carriers the physical and emotional scars from war everywhere she goes. No amount of glitter can camouflage the ugly Erin feels inside. When she meets a hunky hockey star at a masquerade ball, she tries to convince herself that she’s too damaged to get involved, even though he makes her feel things she wishes she didn't. 

Drake thinks they’re perfect for each other, but Erin is stuck in the past, struggling to put her demons to rest—demons that are back and threatening to destroy her. Drake is ready to do anything to give them a shot at love, but Erin will have to learn letting someone help you fight your battles doesn't make you weak. Time is running out as they race the clock to win the game--and each other.

Karl (Book 4)​


Love comes in all sizes... 

Las Vegas Sidewinders goalie Karl Martennson is 6’4” of Swedish hockey-playing deliciousness who craves something more than a different girl every night. When the best friend of his buddy’s wife catches his eye, he’s instantly interested. After one conversation, he's hooked. 

PR whiz Kate Lansing is looking for fun, but what she finds is a hockey hottie who won’t let her go. As someone who’s spent her whole life struggling to accept herself, it feels too good to be true. He’s gorgeous both inside and out and what she can’t figure out is—why her? 

Their one-night-stand has the potential to be more, but with Karl’s crazy ex and Kate’s trust issues, they may find their relationship permanently benched before they have a chance to go the distance.


Box Set Vol. 1 

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Cody's Christmas Surprise



Four tough hockey players, four loving women, four sweet romances with enough sexy to steam up your mirrors...

Anatoli (Book 5)

Love is better late than never... 

Hockey superstar Anatoli “Toli” Petrov is at the height of his career—and unexpectedly single--after earning a spot on a new NHL expansion team in Las Vegas. In the city of sin, the sexy Russian finds that navigating the dating world is a totally foreign experience. Off the ice he isn't as sure of himself, but keeps his heart thawed to the idea of finding love again.

Tessa Barber finds herself suddenly single after her husband blindsides her with divorce papers. A spur-of-the moment trip to Las Vegas is exactly what she needs to take her mind off her troubles. She just didn't plan on finding the perfect guy when she was trying to lose herself.

What starts as an awkward encounter in a bar turns into a week filled with passion hot enough to melt an iceberg. Toli and Tessa are skating on thin ice as things become more complicated than either of them ever imagined. Keeping score has never been so heated!

Zakk (Book 6)

Sometimes love is the riskiest game of all…

Hot young hockey star Zakk Cloutier likes the ladies that are drawn to his bad boy image. The problem is that none of them make his heart race like her.  She’s the one woman he’d consider settling down for, but she's also the one woman he can't have. The gorgeous redhead with legs for days is also the widow of his late coach. Talk about a penalty

Widowed mother Tiffany Marcus feels like her life is crumbling around her. Desperate to put her shattered world back together, she focuses on her three-year old twins, leaving little time or energy to deal with the aching loneliness after her husband’s sudden death. So she’s shocked when she starts to feel alive again–thanks to him. The helping hand and broad shoulder of one of the Las Vegas Sidewinders has her feeling things that she shouldn't. Not yet

Skating on thin ice takes on new meaning when the past catches up to them. With more than just love on the line, the stakes are higher than ever. Zakk has to make an impossible choice: Step in and be the man Tiff needs him to be, or let her go and love her from the bench.

Toli & Tessa (Book 7)


What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas...


After a whirlwind romance, Las Vegas Sidewinders forward Anatoli Petrov is about to make Tessa Barber his wife…or so he thinks. When someone with a score to settle shows up and wreaks havoc on their special day, a past is revealed that he thought was buried a world away. 


Sweet and gentle Tessa Barber fell hard and fast for the hockey hottie, but after they say I Do, events unfold that make her wonder if he’s the man she thought he was. 

From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the cold streets of Moscow, Toli and Tessa become embroiled in a tangled and terrifying web of deceit. Tessa isn't sure who to trust - including the man she loves. Before Toli can fix things with her, he has to figure out how to keep the situation in Russia under control. They have to race to beat the clock and figure out the truth in time, or it'll be a game misconduct on their happy ever after.

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Box Set Vol. 2


BOXED SET INCLUDES: Anatoli, Zakk, Toli & Tessa, and Rob (previously published in "Forbidden Love" anthology and only available in this set!)

Rob (Book 7.5):

Mackenzie Riser is one of the top plastic surgeons in the U.S. and has a wonderful, fulfilling career in Chicago. As she counts down to her 50th birthday, she realizes she needs more than work to satisfy her.

37-year-old Rob Rousseau is devastated with the news his 16-year-old daughter has breast cancer. As he struggles to help her come to terms with losing her breasts, the new plastic surgeon is the first woman since his divorce to make his heart beat a little faster.

As Rob and Mack navigate unfamiliar territory, there's one little thing that might come between them--something they never expected. Do people ever really get second chances?

Brock (Book 8) 

Brock Lassiter has it all: good looks, good health, and the best job in the world. As a defenseman for the Las Vegas Sidewinders hockey team, he’s the luckiest bastard on earth. If only he could stop getting in trouble. One more screw-up and the team won’t renew his contract. He needs to clean up his act, but he's not interested in a ball and chain—even if it comes in the form of the woman he’s been fantasizing about for years.


Hollywood starlet Ashleigh Hunter is living the dream with a role on one of the hottest shows on television. Her life would be complete if only she could adopt the sweet orphan girl she’s fallen in love with, but a single 25-year-old woman who spends the majority of her time in the spotlight may not be able to get custody.


When Brock and Ashleigh find themselves accidentally married, they balk. There’s no denying the chemistry between them, but a marriage of convenience? Who does that anymore? Apparently, they do—and it’s not what either of them are expecting.

Vladimir (Book 9)


Professional hockey player Vladimir Kolnikov grew up in a Russian orphanage with nothing. Now, the 23-year-old left wing for the Las Vegas Sidewinders has everything he ever dreamed of, including a brilliant career and a fiancée whom he adores. At the altar, Vlad's cold feet have nothing to do with the ice or the beautiful woman he left standing there, and everything to do with not knowing who he really is. Before he can contemplate a future with her, he has to bury his past.


A-lister Rachel Kennedy puts on a smile for the camera every day, but it only became genuine the day Vlad skated into her life. He made her happier than any woman had a right to be, until he left her just minutes before their wedding ceremony. When Vlad's betrayal is followed by another devastating blow, it may be more than she can handle.


While Rachel searches for healing, Vlad searches for answers, which leads him back to Moscow where an unexpected discovery changes his life forever. As his world tilts on its axis, he struggles to come to terms with his past at a time when Rachel needs him the most. Can she ever forgive him or will Vlad be out in the cold?

Royce (Book 10)

Meet Royce: a brand new contemporary sports romance standalone in the Sidewinders series from USA Today Bestselling Author Kat Mizera
Love gets messy when Royce finally meets his match...

Professional hockey player Royce Lenahan grew up surrounded by chaos, so as an adult he likes things nice and orderly: His apartment, his hockey schedule, even his dates. When his best friend and teammate asks him to take his visiting sister to a rock concert, he isn’t expecting the sultry, leather-clad vixen who has his jaw dropping.

Force of nature Kristina Papadakis feels like two separate people sometimes: The demure, proper Greek girl she was raised to be, and the badass rock musician she could be. She’s never had a problem keeping her worlds apart until her brother’s straight-laced but oh-so-hot teammate stumbles into both of them, creating a collision she wasn’t expecting.

As Royce and Tina explore an unexpected but undeniable passion, they soon discover that love isn’t always enough. Opposites might attract, but they’ll have to learn to compromise if they want to last.

nate high res.jpg
Nate (Book 11)

To win, you have to play the game...

Rising hockey star Nate Calloway has overcome a lot to get where he is. Playing professional hockey for the Las Vegas Sidewinders, he plans to keep his head down and do the one thing he’s good at: hockey. Everything is going according to plan until a gorgeous, spunky journalist falls into his lap. He might be a pro, but off the ice his lack of experience with women has him struggling to make the right move.

Fresh out of college, Chelsea Baldwin has landed her dream job working for a local newspaper and her big break comes much sooner than expected. Finding herself in the locker room of a professional hockey team is a long way from city council meetings and traffic reports, but falling for one of the players—literally—wasn’t how she’d planned to start her career.

A pro hockey player and a sports reporter shouldn’t be dating, but undeniable chemistry has them drawn to together, despite the consequences. When the stakes rise, their trust in each other is tested both in and out of the locker room. But this is one game they're determined to win...even if they have to make up their own rules.

Sidewinders Ever After.jpg
Sidewinders: Ever After (book 12)

The Las Vegas Sidewinders are back with a selection of short, sweet bonus stories and two brand-new novellas!

FIRST CHRISTMAS - Join Dom and Molly as they celebrate their first holiday season as parents.

HIDE THE SALAMI - When two pro hockey players babysit for a toddler, the results are hilarious.

DADDY'S GIRL - Erin, Drake and Shay travel east to say goodbye to a family member.

OH BABY! - Kate has a huge surprise for Karl--one he's not expecting.

ANYA'S TURN - After surviving cancer, Anya's ready to forget the past and look toward her future.

SIMPLY SAVANNAH - As their baby's due date approaches, Tiff finds herself at odds with Zakk about the delivery.

THE SWEETEST THINGS - The long-awaited birth of Karl and Kate's twins comes with a terrifying price but the sweetest reward.

THE SIDEWINDER'S SIREN - Zaan and Lexi explore adulthood--and each other--even as their lives go in separate directions.

The Petrovs I (Toli & Tessa) - Three pregnancies in less than four years is more than Tessa can handle, but Toli's too busy with the playoffs to notice. Will he get home in time to help or is Tessa on her own?

The Petrovs II (Anton) - When Anton Petrov comes home from college, his father's nanny gives new meaning to having a summer fling.

jared high res.jpg
Jared (Book 13)

The game of love has no rule book...

Former hockey star Jared Wylde is tired of living life on the sidelines. Ten years ago, he lost it all... his career, his wife, his entire world. Everything changes when he's offered the job as head coach of the Las Vegas Sidewinders. It's taken him a long time to let go of the past, but it turns out the past isn't ready to let go of him.

Bestselling romance author Renee DeSantos lives life on her own terms. After overcoming being widowed and sending her daughter off to college, she's finally putting herself first. Everything is going great, until a one-night stand with a sexy stranger unveils what she's been missing. Now that she's had a taste, she's not ready to let go... of him, or the future they could have together.

When the past comes knocking, a son Jared never knew about turns everything upside down. Renee is no stranger to plot twists, but the stakes are higher than ever this time. This is one game Jared doesn't want to lose, but can they score a happily ever after?

DCA high res.jpg
Dmitri's Christmas Angel (Book 14)

Two women. Two surprise pregnancies. Dmitri Papadakis is screwed.

When Dmitri’s fiancée cheated on him with his oldest friend, he was devastated and broke it off. He doesn’t think it’s possible to find real love again until he meets Angel Reardon, a quirky college student, who makes him believe in second chances.

Angel has had a rough couple of years. She's lost both parents and custody of her little sister but she's finally broken free of her abusive ex and is getting her life under control. A sweet, sexy professional hockey player who makes her heart beat faster is icing on the cake.

But when life throws Dmitri two unexpected surprises, he's torn between Christmases past, present and future. Can he truly believe in what he has with Angel when his past comes back to haunt him?

Boxset_Vol3_ Cover high res.jpg

The Las Vegas Sidewinders Box Set Volume 3



Brock has it all: good looks, good health, and the best job in the world. If only he could stop getting in trouble. Hollywood starlet Ashleigh is living the dream with a role on one of the hottest shows on television. Her life would be complete if only she could adopt the sweet orphan girl she’s fallen in love with. When they find themselves accidentally married, they balk. There’s no denying the chemistry between them, but a marriage of convenience? Who does that?


Professional hockey player Vladimir did the unthinkable when he left the love of his life at the altar, but his cold feet had nothing to do with the ice or the beautiful woman he left standing there. Rachel puts on a smile for the camera every day, but it only became genuine the day Vlad skated into her life. While Rachel searches for healing, Vlad’s search leads him to an unexpected discovery that changes his life forever. Winning back the woman he loves may be the toughest goal Vlad’s ever had to score.


Royce is no stranger to chaos. He grew up surrounded by it, so as an adult he likes things nice and orderly: His apartment, his hockey schedule, even his dates. Force of nature Kristina feels like two separate people sometimes. She’s never had a problem keeping her worlds apart until her brother’s straight-laced but oh-so-hot teammate stumbles into both of them. As Royce and Tina explore an unexpected but undeniable passion, they soon discover that love isn’t always enough.

A Sidewinders’ New Year’s Eve

Some of the original members of the Sidewinders spend an evening reflecting on the past five seasons and what may lie ahead for them and their families. Change is never easy, especially not for this group.


Ian (Book #15)

Caught on thin ice between desire and legacy...

Scottish-born hockey player Ian Campbell is so much more than a professional athlete and he has the birthright to prove it. But all he cares about is the next championship. Not his law degree and not the weight of the family legacy waiting for him; but time is running out on the deal he made with his grandfather. While home for the summer, a gorgeous American stumbles into the local pub and provides him the perfect distraction.

Photojournalist Everly Adamson finds herself in Scotland on the business trip of a lifetime. A past mired in secrets and betrayal fades away when she’s behind the lens of her camera; nothing and no one can take that feeling away. Even though a handsome, professional athlete moonlighting as her knight in shining armor is trying to distract her— and she can’t seem to stay away.

As their summer romance intensifies, neither of them is prepared for the collision of their two worlds. Ian’s family legacy prevents him from trusting her, and Everly refuses to love a man who won’t. The resolution may be more than either of them can afford...