Episode Twelve



They say sex can change the world and it was definitely changing mine; an orgasm or five a day absolutely keeps the blues away.


Happiness, I thought as Seth and I drove to Nashville, was having found your person. The person who got you, who liked you no matter what, and who made you feel special. More than that, it was a person who rocked your world. And Seth had been rocking mine all week. Multiple times a day. Or night. Like the big-brained nerd he was, it had only taken him a day to research all the information available on staying power, and then he wanted to practice.

To date, my favorite was something called vaginal containment. The idea was to simply get the man—and his penis—used to the feeling of being inside a woman. So he’d get on top of me and push in. And then we’d just lay there. As clinical and boring as that sounded, it wasn’t. It was one of the most beautiful, romantic, and intimate things I’d ever done.

As we’d lay there, we’d talk, kiss, and gently touch each other. I’d rub his back, he’d cup my face with his hands, and the whole time we were pretty much staring into each other’s eyes. He’d tell me about his day at school or I’d talk about a book I read, and I got to look into his gorgeous, long-lashed eyes. He really was a good-looking guy, but it had been masked by glasses, clumsiness, and inexperience.

Not anymore.

We’d ‘practiced,’ as we’d started calling it, on and off for hours last night and it was mind-blowing how awesome it felt just having him inside of me while we talked and cuddled. Even more awesome was that he’d been comfortable enough to ask me if I minded, if it was okay to work on desensitizing him enough for him to bring me pleasure during intercourse. So far, it had only happened when he used his fingers and mouth, which was great, but this was even better.

“You’re quiet,” he said as we got into the Nashville city limits.

“Just thinking of all the things I want to do to you tonight,” I replied, trying to keep a straight face.

He glanced at me and then laughed; he already knew me so well. “I’m ready.”

“I’ll bet you are.”

“So first stop is that Parthenon thing we talked about?”


The Parthenon in Centennial Park in Nashville was an exact replica of the original in Greece. Since neither of us could afford a trip to Greece any time soon, we figured this would be a fun substitute.

“Then lunch. I’m already hungry.”

“You ate, like, seventeen donuts this morning!” I protested, shaking my head. He ate anything and everything, all the time. It was mind-boggling how much he ate. And never gained an ounce from what I could tell.

“Well, I’m working it off for hours every night,” he countered. “I need to keep my strength up.”

“Keep telling yourself that,” I said, laughing.

We laughed a lot. Not in a silly way, but he just made me so damn happy.

My father was a lot less happy with me staying over at his place every night this week, but the fact of the matter was that I was an adult, and he couldn’t stop me. Not that he would literally try, but I’d gotten a few lectures this week. Until I’d thrown it in his face that he was sexting my boss. The best part was that he hadn’t realized that sexy texting had an actual name. Which made me laugh until I cried.

Until I started dating Seth, I hadn’t realized how little I laughed, or how sad and quiet my life was. I hadn’t been unhappy, but I hadn’t been happy either. Falling in love was a crazy thing that was supposed to take time, but I couldn’t seem to help it. Seth was absolutely the most amazing guy I’d ever met. He was smart, handsome, and brave, and more than that, he liked me for more than my looks. Not to mention the incredible sex. No, he didn’t have a lot of staying power yet, but he had no reservations about going down on me and that was all I needed.

If I was honest, he was all I needed.


The arena in Nashville was awesome and our seats were behind the visitors’ bench, which meant we’d be right there by the Mavericks.

“This is so cool,” I said as we settled into our seats during the warm-ups. “Oh, there they are.”

The Mavericks had just skated out to warm up. The home team always came out first, and the visitors followed a little later, but they looked pumped and ready. I jumped up, holding up the sign I’d made that said, “We brought a little STL to Music City!”

Ben noticed it first and pointed his stick at me in acknowledgement, which led the rest of the team to look over, and pretty soon all of them were pointing at us. Seth got to his feet, grinning, as people around us all turned to look. They lost interest relatively quickly once they realized we weren’t celebrities or anything, but it was great fun.

The Mavericks scored first with a slap shot from the blue line and I leaned over. “You’ll get a blow job later tonight for every goal they score,” I whispered against his ear.

His ears promptly turned red and I couldn’t help but giggle, but then he leaned over and kissed me, his tongue sliding between my lips with precision now that we’d done it a few thousand times. I really loved kissing him. When we kissed, he didn’t seem distracted or impatient; it felt like it was literally the only thing in the world he wanted to do. It was really addicting, too.

But we didn’t get to enjoy hockey games like this very often, so we mutually pulled apart, our eyes momentarily glued together with an unspoken promise that there would be more later. Lots more.

The Mavericks scored again a few minutes later and we were on our feet, cheering for all we were worth. Since St. Louis wasn’t that far away, there were a decent number of fans in the crowd, so at least we weren’t the only ones. We didn’t care, though. This was our team, in more ways than one, and when Lars Jansson got sent to the penalty box, which was just to our left, he put one of his big beefy fists against the glass, nodding in our direction.

I bit my lip with excitement because Lars was probably the quietest, least friendly player on the team. He was known for being a loner and not partying with the guys. Ever. Yet he’d acknowledged us.

“Did you see?” I nudged Seth.

“I feel like a VIP,” he whispered.

“Me too.”


Four goals and a big win later, we were headed back to the hotel.

“That was so fucking cool.” Seth’s fingers laced with mine. He’d gotten us at a room within walking distance from the arena and we strolled down the street along with the throngs of other fans.

“Wouldn’t it be fun to have an apartment close to the arena at home?” he asked. “We could walk to and from work.”

“Except when it’s raining,” I pointed out. “I have to look good out there and I can’t be a drowned rat when I get to the arena.”

“I’ll drop you off on those days,” he said, leaning over to kiss the side of my face.

Oh, boy. He was getting an extra blow job for that. “You know how to turn on the charm, don’t you?” I teased.

He shook his head. “Actually, I don’t, but with you…I can’t help myself.”

“You might get a little something extra tonight for that,” I said, bumping him with my hip.

“I don’t need anything extra,” he said, looking down at me. “The regular stuff is pretty much all I can handle.”

“Oh ye of little faith.” I shook my head. “Just wait.” I paused, glancing down at his crotch. “Did you just get hard?”

“Nope.” He shook his head vehemently, staring straight ahead until we both started laughing.

But he was hard. Just thinking about what we might be doing in a few minutes, and I’d never been with anyone who wanted me so much. The irony was that I wanted him just as much.

I’d always enjoyed sex for the most part, but I’d never had this intense emotional connection with the other guys I’d slept with, which made me pretty insatiable. Well, both of us. Hopefully, for the same reasons.

“It’s not going away,” I murmured as we walked up to the hotel. “You must be thinking about something pretty naughty.”

“I am.” His eyes burned into mine and the moment the elevator doors closed behind us, he crashed his mouth to mine, oblivious to everyone else in the elevator. Someone coughed, someone else chuckled, and finally someone nudged us.

“Uh, are you two on the fourth floor?”

“Sorry.” I gave a sheepish little grin and we ran for the room.

I had my hand on his crotch as Seth fumbled for the key and the door hadn’t even shut completely before he had me up against the wall, his mouth on mine again.

This wasn’t sweet or teasing, though. He was all over me, yanking at my clothes, grinding his body against mine. His passion made me breathless, especially since I usually took the lead in our sexual endeavors. Tonight, he wasn’t giving me a chance.

Before I realized what he was doing, I was naked, he was still fully dressed, and he was on his knees in front of me.

“God, you’re hot,” he breathed, skimming his lips across the lower part of my belly. He nuzzled the inside of my hip bone and reached around to grab my ass, pulling me forward. I dug my fingers into his hair as I realized what he was about to do and though I wanted to close my eyes and enjoy it, I also wanted to watch. He’d pulled off his glasses and then lifted my right leg and put it over his shoulder.

“Are you wet?” he asked in a raspy voice.

“Soaked,” I moaned. Just looking at his dark head down there turned me on so much I almost couldn’t breathe.

He leaned in and used his fingers to separate my folds, but instead of diving in like he usually did, he pressed soft, chaste kisses all over my mound, my lips, the crease of my thigh.

“Seth…” My voice was breathy, almost desperate for him to touch me.

“Soon,” he whispered.

Oh, god, where had he read about taking his time and working me into a frenzy? It was so fucking hot my other knee started to buckle, but he pushed me firmly against the wall.

“Hang on, baby.”

Then his tongue started circling my clit and I almost came right then and there. He’d had no idea what he was doing the first time, but now he totally had my number. There was something to be said for brainiacs because it took him no time at all to learn new things. Especially things that made my legs shake and my insides turn to hot, molten lust.

“Seth!” I whimpered his name as he backed off, going back to gentle kisses and soft caresses with his hands.

“Relax and enjoy,” he whispered, diving back down. This time when his hands cupped my ass he all but lifted me onto his face, and when he stabbed his tongue inside of me, I was done. I shrieked his name and probably pulled out a handful of his hair in the process.

“I fucking love it when you do that,” he said, when I could focus again.

“Me too,” I said, leaning back against the wall.

He scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the bed, putting me down before undressing. I watched him with interest, because he had a spectacular body. Maybe not big and muscular, but tall, broad-shouldered, and completely cut because he was so thin. And then, of course, there was that magnificent dick of his. I’d never been with anyone as huge as Seth, and it was amazing. I could—and hopefully would—ride him all night long.

            “You’re staring at me like you’re hungry,” he said in a raspy voice as he crawled across the king-size bed to me.

            “I owe you a few blow jobs,” I said, wrapping my hand around his cock.

            “Later,” he said, nibbling my neck. “Right now I need to be inside of you. And I thought we’d try something new.” He gripped both of my hands in one of his massive ones and held them over my head.

            “Mmm.” I sighed happily as he slid inside of me, loving this new show of dominance. “Where are you learning all this new stuff? Are you watching porn?”

            “Nope. I started reading romance novels.”