A Royal Trilogy

Nowhere Left to Fall 

She's a rockstar. Literally. 


I'm in line for the throne. Sort of. 


We're in love and it's everything. 


Life would be perfect, except my asshole cousin (the dude who actually is next in line for the throne) is trying to drive my country into civil war. 


I'm trying to make Casey mine forever. 


I'm trying to forget that my cousin is an asshole (did I mention that?). 


I'm trying to save my kingdom. 


I am so royally screwed.

Nowhere Left to Run 

I have nowhere left to run… 

I’ll never love another man the way I loved him. 

To the world Erik was a prince. To me he was so much more. 

My love. My heart. My dream come true. 

The father of my child. 

His love was so fierce, some days I swear I can still feel him with me. 

Moving on is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

The music pouring out of my soul is the only way to ease the ache. 

Nothing can replace the love of my life, but for my baby’s sake, I have to try. 

With every tragic lyric, my fans scream louder, and I’m more alone. 

I can’t outrun Erik’s ghost.

My heart beats only for him but he’s the one thing I can’t have. 

Nowhere Left to Hide 

We have nowhere left to hide... 



Loving her from the shadows shattered my heart. 

Watching her move on nearly destroyed me. 

I let them both go, knowing it was the only way to keep them safe. 

Now the threat is back and there’s only one way to protect them: Come back from the dead. 

It’s time to claim what’s mine.

My woman. My kingdom. My life. 



The only man I ever truly loved died to protect us, and nothing will ever be the same. 

I've spent the last decade becoming someone else, forcing myself to let go of the past.

The past won’t let go of me. 

The life I’ve rebuilt is crashing down around me. 

I thought it was over, but fate isn’t finished with me yet.

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