Nowhere Left to Fall (Book 1)

Being a prince is a royal headache.

Erik is in line for the throne, but he's never wanted any of it. It doesn't help that his cousin is pushing the kingdom to the brink of civil war and he feels dutybound to stop him. Falling back in love with his childhood crush was never the plan, but it’s the only piece of his life he's determined to protect.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Casey took up the family business: being a rock star. But when she came off tour, she was hit with a devastating blow. She reached out to Erik for support, falling in love in the process. She wasn't expecting to be swept into a royal drama.

They have each other, but not much else. There's nowhere left to fall...

Nowhere Left to Run (Book 2)

Moving on is never easy.

Casey is completely devastated. She will never love another man the way she loved Erik. To the world he was a prince. To her, she was so much more: her love, her heart, the father of her child. His love was so fierce, some days she swears she can still feel him with her.

Nothing can replace the love of her life, but for her baby's sake she has to try. With every tragic lyric, her fans scream louder, but she's never felt more alone.

 She can try to escape Erik's ghost, but she has nowhere left to run...

Nowhere Left to Hide 

Nothing will ever be the same.

Erik knew that the only way to protect them was to let them go. But watching Casey move on nearly destroyed him. Loving her and his child from the shadows shattered his heart.

With new threats on the horizon, he has to come back into the light. More than that, it's time to claim what's his: His woman. His kingdom. His life.

But when the past starts to repeat itself, there is nowhere left to hide.